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Gfddos - GFD_OS2:_DOS

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 OS2SPEED.ARJ Size: 544 Date: 2000-02-13 Time: 03:47:44
OS/2 Speed

 PART.ZIP Size: 163333 Date: 1998-11-19 Time: 10:47:36
Ranish Partition Manager Version 2.37.11. (c) Mikhail Ranish

 VPART.ZIP Size: 129115 Date: 1999-03-20 Time: 08:09:20
graphical bootmanager: can also boot multiple OS from one FAT partition; install target can be floppy, hard disk MBR, hard disk bootsector; option to prevent OS installs from removing VPart; simple password and boot virus check. By Veit Kannegieser

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