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 AP_ICONS.ZIP Size: 6119 Date: 1999-04-10 Time: 14:01:26
Icons for Apache web server

 CMDRUN11.ZIP Size: 24588 Date: 1999-02-02 Time: 17:10:00
CMDRUN V1.1 by Paul Ratcliffe. OS/2 WPS replacement WPFolder/WPDisk classes which give the ability to start command line sessions from any folder/disk with the current directory set to that folder/disk. Also gives a Run menu option similar to that found in Windows, allowing the starting of OS/2, DOS and Windows applications.

 FGWP002B.ZIP Size: 58211 Date: 1999-04-15 Time: 10:13:16
Foreground Wallpaper ver.0.02b - Allows

 GHICN001.ZIP Size: 89721 Date: 1999-02-05 Time: 04:41:14
GhOS/2 Icon Collection v0.1. A set of icons I worked on from time to time since 1993. Still work in progress. Freeware! By Helmut A. Goettl

 INIED090.ZIP Size: 441319 Date: 1999-02-26 Time: 17:09:24
INIedit v.0.90 is an INI editor for binary OS/2 INI with integrated tools to compare ini files and search multiple files for a string. Language support for English, Croatian, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

 MDAEM01.ZIP Size: 8015 Date: 1999-02-22 Time: 13:08:20
Real-time monitoring of CPU temperature and actual swap usage. This is a backgound process (daemon) written in Rexx that works as a supplement to monitoring utiliy from SysBar/2 package. It uses Rexx interfaces provided by IBM's Theseus/2 memory ana

 NICE-U01.ZIP Size: 410344 Date: 1999-03-02 Time: 18:27:26
This is a first update for Nice OS/2 Enhancer. New features added, forced compatibility with some applications. By Sergey Posokhov.

 NOWINLGO.ZIP Size: 31799 Date: 1999-02-23 Time: 04:16:54
Warp 4 boot logo with big "no Windows"

 PCD215R.ZIP Size: 154233 Date: 1999-04-21 Time: 13:35:14
PopCD!, version 2.15. Pop Up CD-ROM Object Utility. PopCD! is `Pop Up CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD Object' Utility. When you insert CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD, PopCD! creates its object on desktop and open/play. And PopCD! ejects CD-ROM/Removable Media/Audio CD when you drag and drop object into shredder. By Ken Kinoshita. Additional requirements: Watcom VX-REXX Runtime (VROBJ.DLL), EMX Runtime Library (0.9c or higher).

 PMPN270.ZIP Size: 1271908 Date: 1999-03-25 Time: 18:57:24
PM Postnotes 2.70 is a suite of utilities and applications designed to reduce desk clutter, to free the mind for more imaginative pursuits, to arrange for that dental appointment, and to run applications at a specific time every day.

 POPUP104.ZIP Size: 30991 Date: 1999-05-02 Time: 16:52:32
Entryfield PopUp menu for cut and paste without keyboard. By Eugen Kuleshov

 ROVER270.ZIP Size: 1314950 Date: 1999-04-06 Time: 18:07:00
Rover Pack (tm) for OS/2 from Sundial Systems, Version 2.70. The Rover Pack is a comprehensive collection of software components and accessories that are designed to work with each other and with OS/2 Warp's advanced Workplace Shell user interface. All components of the Rover Pack make extensive use of advanced OS/2 technology for superior performance and seamless integration. The software is fully "network aware" and compatible with OS/2 Peer, LAN Server, and other popular networking systems.

 RXAST140.ZIP Size: 122990 Date: 1999-02-28 Time: 17:40:00
RexxAutoStart Version 1.40 (01.03.1999) (c) copyrighted FREEWARE This program is a workaround for timing problems that lead to a WPS hang on startup on certain OS/2 versions and fixlevels. Additionally it gives you a limited possibility to control the order of automatically started programs upon bootup. New in this release: - /WPS supported under OS/2 Warp 3 - make any folder your startup folder - Blanks and ' allowed in ObjectIDs - executables for REXX and ObjectREXX - enhanced "context sensitive" help

 SCMOUSE.ZIP Size: 15546 Date: 1999-04-23 Time: 05:20:42
SCMouse. Easy access to Warp Center by

 SHOWTIME.ZIP Size: 121744 Date: 1998-11-29 Time: 16:09:24
ShowTime/2, background changer/slide show viewer. Automatic cycling of background wallpaper or slide shows. Easy bitmap selection from diverse directories. Timer settings from 1 second to 24 hours in 1 second increments. Run background changes or slide shows in order or random. Set up and save as many shows as you like. Run shows automatically at startup.

 SMW082B.ZIP Size: 94817 Date: 1999-04-12 Time: 02:43:02
Styler/2 (Smart Windows) update to be installed over This will bring the version number to

 SYSBAR15.ZIP Size: 439202 Date: 1999-02-28 Time: 12:41:52
SysBar 1.5 - Monitor for OS/2 Presentation Manager. Visualizes memory, swapFile, processes, threads, CPU activity, TCP/IP activity, temperature and voltage, APM administration. By Alessandro Rossi. _Italian_ program.

 SYSSET11.ZIP Size: 17569 Date: 1999-02-28 Time: 17:10:00
SYSSET V1.1 by Paul Ratcliffe. OS/2 WPS class which give the ability to set up and query systems components such as Keyboard, Mouse and System from a REXX command file.

 TCOS2202.ZIP Size: 695923 Date: 1999-03-28 Time: 18:02:00
Take Command for OS/2 2.02 - New! (March 1999) release of JP Software's GUI command processor for OS/2. A true OS/2 Presentation Manager app. Offers command enhancements, over 50 new commands, dozens of powerful batch file features, and many other unique command line tools. 4OS2 and 4DOS- compatible, dozens of new PM-related features as well. Shareware, $69.95 full registration. 03-29-99 release A.Path 2:2449/184

 TRSHCN27.ZIP Size: 1118914 Date: 1999-03-07 Time: 18:07:00
(v2.7) TrashCan - WPS trash can object - WPS extension for OS/2 Warp (or higher) - Macintosh-like trash can object - Fully customizable to user needs - Many features for trash management - Languages: - English, German, French - Japanese, Spanish - Shareware (US$ 20.00) Kai Sommerfeld,

 WALL327R.ZIP Size: 271834 Date: 1999-03-11 Time: 13:01:16
Wallpaper Changer version 3.27. The Wall changes background images and/or color at user-set intervals. You can configure each image file in such as *.BMP/*.GIF/*.JPG/ *.TIF/*.TGA/*.PCX/*.DIB in the Wall. Choose TILE, SIZED or NORMAL during configuration. The Wall writes an extended attribute for each and displays the *.BMP as configured. By Ken Kinoshita

 XF085DE.ZIP Size: 377188 Date: 1999-03-15 Time: 10:16:10
XFolder V0.85, german language pack

 XF085EN.ZIP Size: 336074 Date: 1999-03-15 Time: 10:15:00
XFolder V0.85, english language pack

 XFLD085.ZIP Size: 501016 Date: 1999-03-15 Time: 10:13:26
XFolder V0.85 XFolder is a collection of WPS replacement classes, with the following features: * configure all your WPScontext menus at once, simply by putting WPS objects into a certain configuration folder * all folders can now carry their full path in their window titles, * freely configurable hotkeys for use within folders only, * extended sort features, * auto-scroll Tree views, * "Snap to grid" feature for all folders, * "Extended Shutdown", * "Restart WPS" * new "System" objects with CONFIG.SYS settings and the WPS class list * Netscape DDE interface * replaceable default WPS icons and much more. FREEWARE with source code under the GNU General Public Licence. Author: Ulrich Moeller http:/

 XFSTTOS2.ZIP Size: 291515 Date: 1999-02-21 Time: 07:28:30
xfsttos2 - TrueType X fontserver for OS/2. xfsttos2 - port of xfstt to OS/2. Allows you to use TrueType fonts with XFree86 for OS/2. It's derived from Herbert Duerr's excellent xfstt, which was intended for Unix. It gives good performance and gives excellent rendering of fonts at low resolutions. By Joshua E. Rodd

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