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Gnfnnocb - Fidonet GNF_NOV_NWOS_CLN_B
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
95B220B.ZIP 10021925 1997-06-18 23:21:36 BETA Refresh IntranetWare Client Win 95 95B220B.ZIP
NDS4NTPB.ZIP 20608515 1998-08-24 00:05:24 BETA of the NDS for NT v2.0 product NDS4NTPB.ZIP
NOVELLNP.ZIP 80732 1998-04-11 07:05:08 Beta Release of NOVELLNP.DLL This beta release of the NOVELLNP.DLL for the intraNetWare Client 2.20 for Windows 95 resolves the problem of losing drive mappings/connections when using a MS Office 97 application (see TID 2929518). This fix will be available in the ZENworks Client for 95, the next full client release. NOVELLNP.ZIP
NT5BETA.ZIP 4689626 1997-10-10 23:40:38 Beta IntranetWare Client for Windows NT v5 to be installed on the Micorsoft Windows NT v5.0 beta product. BETA - IntranetWare Client 4.11 for Windows NT NT5BETA.ZIP
NT5CLT.ZIP 9791739 1998-10-16 04:26:50 BETA - Novell Client for NT 5.0 This is the early sample of the Novell Client for Windows NT v5.0. This client is provided as a courtesy, and therefore, is not a Novell supported product. Because this is a preview of the client there is no method to report problems and answer questions regarding this product. NT5CLT.ZIP
NTB411B.ZIP 28368072 1997-06-16 21:23:36 BETA - IntranetWare Client 4.11 for NTB411B.ZIP
Total 6 Files, 71836 Kilobytes

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