Fidonet on OS/2

Back in mid 90's many systems running fidonet nodes has been installed onto operation system OS/2.
Until today ftn tools are developed for DOS, OS2, Win32 and Unix.

This page delivers some supporting websites related to OS/2:

  1. Hobbes OS/2 Archive (New Mexico State University)
    Hobbes website
  2. Small OS/2 knowledgebase (by Torsten Bamberg)
    Sample: smb configuration under OS/2
    DatenBahn BBS website

I'm still using following FTN programs under OS/2

  1. Binkley XE (POTS mailer)
    BinkleyTerm XE running on 2:240/1120 in 2021
    BinkleyTerm XE
    BinkleyTerm is a freely available FidoNet compatible electronic mail interface and dumb terminal package.
  2. FastEcho (Tosser)
    FastEcho Wiki sheet
    FastEcho @ softeq
    FastEcho Download page
    Registration keys are nowadays available free of charge on request!
  3. Allfix (Ticker) developers site
  4. ITrack (Netmail Tracker)
    Itrack (NetmailTracker, by Frank Prade)

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