Fidonet on Smartphones

There exist two packages for smartphones:

  1. HotDogEd
  2. AfterShock

Both packages exists for Android.
Below you'll find some links and infos for both packages:

For IOS (iphone) there is no known package that is running ftn software on iphone, but there is a workaround with JamNNTP.
See Fidonet on IOS



HotDogEd (1) HotDogEd (2) HotDogEd (3)
Pics: HotDogEd

!!! --- Domain currently not reachable --- !!!

Non authoritive answer:

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HotDogEd documentation site HotDogEd Downloads
[19.07.2021] HotDogEd downloads page.
The page includes the HotdogEd FIDO package, HotdogEd NNTP package and the main HotDogEd apk link at Google play.

HotDogEd documentation (Original site, unreachable)
[29.09.2017] The home of HotDogEd (documentation) - a new development - with Fidonet plugin, usable on tablets and smartphones.
The website gives some infos around the software HotDogEd that includes an FTN editor, the mailer and tosser.

Documentation at at

Screenshot Documentation (Part I)

Screenshot Documentation (Part II) - Developing for HotdogEd

Screenshot Documentation (Part III) - Hardware keyboard navigation

[19.07.2021] HotDogEd's FAQ page.
frequently asked questions about HotdogEd.
HotDogEd FAQ (Original site, unreachable)

FAQ at at

Screenshot FAQ

Google Play links: HotdogEd Editor
HotdogEd FTN provider
HotdogEd NNTP provider
Google Play: Sergey Pushkin Apps
Fidonews: HotDogEd FidoNet Provider Sergey Pushkin
v2.13.5 on 2017-03-13 (2:5020/2141)
HotDogEd FidoNet package downloaded apk packages HotdogEd Editor apk package Download
v2.13.5 on 2017-03-13 (2:5020/2141), 4821 Kb
Install package

HotdogEd Editor FIDO provider apk package Download
v2.13.5 on 2017-03-13 (2:5020/2141), 2616 Kb
Install package

List of HotDogEd point aware nodes HotDogEd point aware nodes
[29.09.2017] Listing of nodes that are point aware for HotDogEd.

Hardware keyboard navigation
Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts available when reading articles:

  1. - 'E' - Create new article.
  2. - 'Q' - Reply to auhtor.
  3. - 'N' - Reply to auhtor in another group.
  4. - 'C' - Edit article (to be used in Outgoing group).
  5. - 'F' - Forward article.
  6. - 'W' - Export article.
  7. - 'Z', space - page down or next article.
  8. - 'A' - page up or previous article.
  9. - Left/right - Previous/next message.



AfterShock (1) AfterShock (2) AfterShock (3) AfterShock (4)
Pics: AfterShock

AfterShock at Google Playstore

Download AfterShock
Download AfterShock (at google playstore)
  1. Download: AfterShock on Google Play
  2. Reference HotDogEd and AfterShock (in Russian):
  3. AfterShock description (in Russian):
  4. AfterShock description by the publisher: on Download CNET (with ads)
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