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Pastools - PascalNet:_-_Tool(boxes)_and_Utilities

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Pastools - Fidonet PascalNet:_-_Tool(boxes)_and_Utilities
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
CHFLZ100.ZIP 62180 1997-02-03 23:34:22 CHIEFLZ v1.00 Ready-to-compile-and-run Borland Pascal and Delphi sources for LZSS (LZ77) compression. This package is released as FREEWARE. CHFLZ100.ZIP
FIX_RUNT.TXT 3200 2005-11-04 00:06:16 Fix Pascals Runtime Error 200 with FIX_RUNT.COM Util Txt incl. Batch debug code to create the FIX_RUNT.COM program and a usage description by Bjoern Felten, from ENET.SYSOP, 4.11.05 FIX_RUNT.TXT
HALCN359.ZIP 392327 1997-02-20 08:13:48 HALCYON Version 3.59 dBase Access Routines HALCN359.ZIP
KC200.ZIP 16061 1997-05-11 01:14:16 This software package will make registration KC200.ZIP
TEXTPOS.ZIP 741 1997-02-10 16:16:36 TextPos & TextSeek procedures for TP TEXTPOS.ZIP
XMS.ZIP 3763 1997-01-12 01:29:10 Use XMS and UMB Memory in Borland Pascal. Allocate memory and move data between XMS and conventional memory. Does not support the Upper memory blocks of DOS 5 and above. XMS.ZIP
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