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Pdnjava - Fidonet PDN-JAVA
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AWTN0_1.ZIP 119534 1997-05-21 06:32:44 Java tree-view v0.1 You can insert components in the treeview and they are displayed in a "directory tree" layout. The AWTNode package is developed in 100% Pure Java, and should run on any platform supporting JDK 1.1 (tested : WIN95), by Martin Vogt AWTN0_1.ZIP
BF1WB.ZIP 1186981 1997-11-08 01:20:42 The Applet Button Factory allows non-programmers to create Java Applet Buttons for web pages without the user needing to know any Java or HTML code. Buttons can have gif or jpeg images, varied text styles, colors and button properties. Shareware, $2 BF1WB.ZIP
BLUETE06.ZIP 1784156 1997-06-20 00:45:44 Bluette v0.6 write Java BLUETE06.ZIP
BUTTONS.ZIP 70973 1997-07-02 00:31:12 This tutorial will help you add clickable "Magic Buttons" to your web pages using a few simple JavaScript commands. BUTTONS.ZIP
CLASSES.ZIP 56063 1997-07-23 02:08:04 Classes used in TELNET.ZIP. Available under CLASSES.ZIP
COMPLEX.ZIP 5922 1997-04-18 07:09:10 Java class that provides mathematical support for complex numbers including trig functions. Docs included in zip COMPLEX.ZIP
COOBAR.ZIP 108487 1997-07-19 08:12:26 CooBar (F1.03) is a button table with COOBAR.ZIP
COOCOO.ZIP 76828 1997-07-19 08:12:18 CooCoo(F1.22) is cool web-communication machine. It allows its users to chat, call-to-chat, ad, and more. This is an Adware(FREE) version. Go to author's home page to get the latest version and more BETTER applets and COOL screen savers with screenshots. You can reach me at Internet: or mail the author at: P.O. Box 390235, Mountain View, CA. 94039-0235. COOCOO.ZIP
DAJ.ZIP 18904 1998-02-02 00:52:50 Distributed algorithms in JAVA for JDK 1.0 DAJ is a toolkit for designing, implementing, testing, simulating, and visualizing distributed algorithms in Java. DAJ consists of a Java class library with a simple programming interface that allows to dev DAJ.ZIP
DAJAWT.ZIP 25762 1998-02-02 00:53:26 DAJ AWT Binding for JDK 1.0 DAJAWT.ZIP
DELTAI.ZIP 12720 1997-05-17 14:07:42 HTML support class library Classes which simplify working with HTML when using Java. Classes include a HTML template processor (never embed HTML into your programs again!), a HTML stripping filter (convert HTML to text while you read it in), and sup DELTAI.ZIP
DSTAT.ZIP 6407 1997-04-18 07:09:28 Standard Descriptive Statistics for Java Michael Fanelli BARCHOC Development Corporation Version 0.01 (Beta-1) March 1, 1997 This class contains simple descriptive statistics for Java and contains only static methods. DSTAT.ZIP
FETCHNET.ZIP 8190 1997-05-21 07:15:40 Java applet. Grab Web pages off the net Written entirely in JAVA, FetchNet! will bring down the entire Web page including images. It can even continue to traverse the web links to get the entire Web page tree. It won't follow links to other Web serv FETCHNET.ZIP
IBUTTON.ZIP 16904 1997-07-19 08:13:12 Source code, compiled code and a jar file for a sample Sticky Image Button Java Bean Component. This component is based on the Fancy Button Bean from M. Morrison's "Presenting Java Beans". IBUTTON.ZIP
JAVACLAS.ZIP 383582 1997-12-09 00:55:30 This collection of classes can be used to read (binary) Java class files into an object. This object may then be further manipulated by the user or dumped to a file again. This tool library may be also useful if you want to learn about the Java Virt JAVACLAS.ZIP
JAVAOS2.ZIP 277664 1997-06-05 02:41:34 Documentation for OS/2 Java 1.0.2 in .inf format JAVAOS2.ZIP
JAVAPFAQ.ZIP 65554 1998-02-03 00:54:44 Java programmers' FAQ. For the more experienced Java programer. JAVAPFAQ.ZIP
JBRWS41B.ZIP 187067 1997-04-18 06:57:38 Package and class browser for JAVA written entirely in Java. Scans java source and home directories on startup to locate Java classes. Package Tree pane presents tree view Java packages/classes. Supports v1.1 new language features. $50 JBRWS41B.ZIP
JCFILES.ZIP 305583 1998-02-02 00:53:12 JConfig is a cross-platform library JCFILES.ZIP
JDK11AWT.ZIP 26236 1998-02-04 23:44:32 DAJ AWT Binding for JDK 1.1 JDK11AWT.ZIP
JDK11DAJ.ZIP 18907 1998-02-02 00:53:36 Distributed algoriths in JAVA for JDK 1.1 DAJ is a toolkit for designing, implementing, testing, simulating, and visualizing distributed algorithms in Java. DAJ consists of a Java class library with a simple programming interface that allows to deve JDK11DAJ.ZIP
JENJAVA.ZIP 3979156 1997-06-20 00:46:50 JenAva JG fully functional Java source code applet/application generator. Designed for programmers new to Java and non-programming Internet content developers looking to gain rapid access to Java productivity. JenAva JG provides developers with an i JENJAVA.ZIP
JGL3_0_0.ZIP 1522432 1997-11-28 00:05:38 ObjectSpace Java Generic Library v3.0.07 Comprehensive set of reusable data structures and algorithms. It embraces and extends the library that comes with the Java Development Kit (JDK 1.1) Generic Zip archive for OS/2, WIN95 JGL3_0_0.ZIP
JLAUNCH.ZIP 86021 1997-06-21 12:34:14 JLAUNCHE.EXE Run Java classes from windows explorer.(Win32) This executible accepts two parameters, the first, a path to the JAVAW.EXE and the second the path to your class. The program will change to the correct directory and strip off the .CLASS extension from the class name before calling JAVAW.EXE. This allows you to create an association in explorer (View/Options/FileTypes) use >c:\windows\JLauncher.exe "c:\java\bin\javaw.exe" "%1"< assuming JLaucher is placed in your windows directory. JLAUNCH.ZIP
JRADUTIL.ZIP 122756 1997-04-09 20:06:46 Win95 lookalike GUI components. Source JRADUTIL.ZIP
LINEDRAW.ZIP 5645 1997-11-03 00:24:22 A small applet that demonstrates one way of drawing lines thicker than 1 pixel. Java source included. LINEDRAW.ZIP
MW1WA.ZIP 594851 1997-11-05 00:34:42 The Applet Marquee Wizard allows non-programmers to Java Applets without having write any code. You can make scrolling banners which include text and images of varying styles and effects. Shareware, $20 MW1WA.ZIP
PACK.ZIP 7592 1997-06-21 12:34:20 Sources for interpreter for NETSCAPE With it you can try and learn JavaScript in live mode by putting scripts in your html doc. Can be done interactively from a prompt (defining and calling JavaScript functions, settings var., inspect objects). Include is a powerfull tool to view all properties of an object. Minimal doc. is provide in the html doc itself. Launch 'demo.html' and go. PACK.ZIP
PORTIO.ZIP 110603 1997-04-09 20:06:52 Port I/O c-classes library source code PORTIO.ZIP
REMOTE.ZIP 5972 1997-07-19 08:12:02 Remote Control Search Engine Interface. Freeware JavaScript source for Netscape 3.0 and above that puts a small remote control window on top of your web browser and allows you to quickly interface with 9 popular search engines. The remote control wi REMOTE.ZIP
RMI.ZIP 35564 1997-05-21 07:09:50 RMIClient/ RMIServer jdk1.1 release/ Win95/NT A test of the java.rmi (remote method invocation) API. This archive contains source code for a command line RMIServer and GUI RMIClient demonstrating RMI, POLYMORPHISM and ACTIVE NOTIFICATION jlouie 4-97 RMI.ZIP
SNMP-0_1.ZIP 511675 1997-07-24 00:40:52 This is a simple client side SNMP library completely written in Java. SNMP is the Simple Network Management Protocol, and this library supports SNMP Version 1. It includes a managed object compiler, SNMP client library and a demostration GUI applica SNMP-0_1.ZIP
TELNET.ZIP 225348 1997-07-23 02:06:38 Fully features telnet applet/application with support for VT and ANSI terminals. Customizable via modules. Provides a button bar and a script modules and examples good documentation. W95/NT. Available under the GNU General Public Licence TELNET.ZIP
TSETEV13.ZIP 240854 1997-05-21 06:33:42 Tea Set Widget Collection v1.3 Tea Set Widgets is a comprehensive collection of Java GUI components. It consists of over two dozens reusable widgets and applets. The components can be used in any Java program, or as an applet inside HTML pages. The TSETEV13.ZIP
TSETGUID.ZIP 296222 1997-05-21 06:33:56 Tea Set Programmer's Guide TSETGUID.ZIP
TSETMAN.ZIP 267452 1997-05-17 14:07:28 Tea Set manual TSETMAN.ZIP
VB2JAVAT.ZIP 1345046 1997-11-05 00:34:10 Translates your VB 2 Java. VB2JAVAT.ZIP
WK1WB.ZIP 1186664 1997-11-05 00:34:28 The Applet Widget Kit allows anyone to make incredible Java Applets without writing one line of Java or HTML code. Designed for non-programmers, it uses a simple point and click interface which guides you through the creation process writing all of WK1WB.ZIP
WNGDISDM.ZIP 95869 1997-05-17 14:09:44 WingDis v2.04 - A Java Decompiler WingDis is a command-line utility which allows users to convert Java class files (binary) to Java-like program (text). WingDis is implemented completely in Java, and it can run on both JDK1.02 and JDK1.1. Demo. WNGDISDM.ZIP
WORLD.ZIP 18717 1997-12-09 00:55:34 World Time in Java script with source. WORLD.ZIP
XDBFJ131.ZIP 153646 1998-02-02 00:52:20 xBaseJ (Beta version 1.30) is a dBase XDBFJ131.ZIP
XELFIDOC.ZIP 671433 1997-06-21 12:39:18 This file contains the HTML documentation which includes the installation guide. You'll need to download XELFIJDK.ZIP (Sun JDK version) or XELFIMS.ZIP (MS SDK version) for the package itself. XELFIDOC.ZIP
XELFIJDK.ZIP 1008885 1997-06-21 12:38:26 Xelfi, a visual IDE for Java programmers. Standard distribution: Compiled with Sun's JDK 1.02. Xelfi is a complete RAD tool with integrated editor,browser,compiler and debugger. Xelfi should allow you to develop your apps quickly and efficiently. Wr XELFIJDK.ZIP
XELFIMS.ZIP 869968 1997-06-21 12:38:56 Xelfi, visual IDE for Java programmers. W95/NT Alternative Windows distribution: compiled with MS' SDK; tested on Win95/NT. Xelfi is a complete RAD tool with integrated editor, browser,compiler and debugger. Get XELFIDOC.ZIP for HTML documentation a to utility classes. Freeware. These classes are 100% Java and pixel-equivalent to the Windows 95/NT 4.0 user interface. With this release, we are adding full support for Tabbing and WizardDialog, NoMarginLabel, XELFIMS.ZIP
XPROCSJ.ZIP 76778 1997-05-14 06:08:04 A collection of functions and classes for Java XPROCSJ.ZIP
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