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Pdnunix - PDN-Unix

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Pdnunix - Fidonet PDN-Unix
Filename Filesize [bytes] File Date/Time Description Download
AFBACKUP.ZIP 224577 1998-01-08 23:26:44 AF Backup system for Linux. AFBACKUP.ZIP
CFTP-09.ZIP 150877 1998-01-02 00:04:58 CFTP(Comfortable Ftp) v0.9 - a full-screen ftp client for ASCII-terminals or terminal emulations (like xterm) for Linux. Source CFTP-09.ZIP
FTBETA.ZIP 291662 1997-12-21 23:40:30 TrueType library for Unix systems in ANSI C. FTBETA.ZIP
JOY2KEY1.ZIP 15000 1998-01-02 00:05:00 Joy2key will translate your joystick movements into the equivilent keystrokes and send them to your application or game. Req Xwindows under Linux. Source distributed under GNU Public License JOY2KEY1.ZIP
SVGALIB.ZIP 871255 1998-01-08 23:26:36 Low-level graphics library that provides VGA and SVGA modes in a console. It is not intended as an alternative to X for apps, but rather a set of tools for things like VGA games, image viewing in modes that X cannot support, etc. SVGALIB.ZIP
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