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References about NNTP from JAM2NNTP x1) Tool documentation:

x1) JamNNTPd 1.0, by Johan Billing, (

6.1 The NNTP protocol

JamNNTPd supports most of the basic NNTP protocol as specified in RFC-977. The commands IHAVE, NEWGROUPS and NEWNEWS are not implemented, but at least give valid response codes if a newsreader tries to use them. JamNNTPd also supports the XOVER and AUTHINFO commands as specified in RFC-2980. XOVER never sends information about the line counts and byte counts of messages.

6.2 Format of news messages

JamNNTPd probably breaks the RFC-1036 specification on some minor points, but seems to work well enough with most newsreaders.

6.5 format=flowed

A recent extension to MIME ( RFC-2646 ) specifies a format for "flowed" text, ...

Another NNTP reference list:

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